Riding the Air Waves

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I had my text in front of me, headphones on, water at the ready, and microphone straight ahead.  The technician’s fingers behind the glass counted down: five… four… three… two… one… “Today we are very pleased to welcome, on the Radio Family Rosary program, Br. David Snow, SOLT,” Dorothy’s voice sounded in my ears.  After her brief introduction, it was my turn—time to put myself out there for thousands of listeners in Phoenix.  Come, Holy Spirit!

Rewind!  Back in April, when Fr. Mark told me that I would be spending the summer at Most Holy Trinity, our SOLT parish in Phoenix, Arizona, I wasn’t too surprised.  Since I had just finished my second year of theology, the seminary had me slated to do a summer parish internship.  Most Holy Trinity was an ideal place to get lots of pastoral experience because of all its ministries and activities both in English and Spanish.  I had a long list of things to try and do there: serve at weddings, baptisms, and regular Masses; attend RCIA and marriage prep classes; spend time with the youth group and some adult ministry groups; learn about parish administration.  Being on the radio wasn’t on the list or even on my radar, but God’s ways are not my ways (cf. Isaiah 55:8-9).

While in the parish, I had been attending weekly meetings of the Legion of Mary.  Each meeting, I would lead the group in their prayers and deliver a brief spiritual reflection.  I was humbled when several of the members commented on how much they enjoyed my talks.  Little did I know that one of them, Dorothy, had begun the Radio Family Rosary program in Phoenix years ago.  One week after the meeting, she approached me and asked if I would be able to record four short reflections for the radio on faith and the nation during the week of July Fourth.  My superiors gave me the green light, so I agreed.

Over the next few weeks, I prayed over, wrote, and practiced my talks until one Wednesday morning I got an unexpected call from Dorothy.  The station had half an hour available for us to record that very morning, so we had to strike while the iron was hot!  About an hour later, I found myself in front of that microphone, praying to the Holy Spirit.  How did it go, you ask?  Well, listen for yourself: http://www.radiofamilyrosary.com/july-2021-broadcasts/ (scroll down to the Week of July 5 module).

Br. David Snow, SOLT

November 1, 2021 - 11:09am

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