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SOLT Mass Association

The SOLT Mass Association is a beautiful way to share the spiritual gift of the prayers of the members of SOLT. By enrolling your family or friends, whether living or deceased, members of SOLT pray daily for those entrusted to us through the Mass Association. Every Friday, Mass at Our Lady of Corpus Christi is offered for all the members of the Mass Association. These members are also included in the regular prayers of the members of SOLT. 

Enrollment cards can be sent to the person or you may request cards to keep on hand. They could be giving as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funerals, or simply any time.

Four types of enrollments are available:

  • One year Living
  • One year Deceased
  • Perpetual Living
  • Perpetual Deceased

Donations given to SOLT are used for the ongoing work of the community. We are very grateful for your generosity! The suggested donation for enrollment in the Mass Association is $20 for a one-year enrollment and $50 for perpetual enrollment. 

Spiritual Benefits for Members of the SOLT Mass Association

Living and deceased members share in the celebration of a weekly Mass at the Perpetual Adoration Chapel of Our Lady of Corpus Christi.

Every family or individual will enjoy a share in the daily recitation of the Divine Office and holy rosary offered by members of SOLT.

Living and deceased members will share in all the good works performed by members of SOLT.

Enroll Someone Today

Please visit our "Donate" page. 

In the memo, list the name of the person and type of enrollment you wish to have.

Thank you and God bless you!


To Order Extra Cards

Contact: Mauricio Romero
Mission Advancement Office
(361) 654-0054
[email protected]