SOLT St. Ann's Summer Camp

St. Ann's Summer Camp 2015

Volunteer at SOLT St. Ann's Summer Camp

St. Ann’s Summer Camp is dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical formation of the peoples of the Turtle Mountain Reservation. 

Type of Placement
Short-term: Summer Youth Camp Counselors/Workers to serve in the summer of 2020

Service Area
Belcourt, North Dakota. We are located approximately 10 miles from the Canadian border on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation serving the Band of Chippewa Indians.

Service Length
summer Camp Counselors: 8 weeks

Summer Camp: 18 years or older. Mature Catholic seeking to grow in their Catholic faith, obedient to the Church, with a strong desire to teach about God and help other to grow in their relationship with God. Click here to apply.

Financial Arrangement
Room and board, small monthly stipend

Living Arrangements
Community living 

Short-term: Week-long training prior to the start of summer camp.

Application Deadline
Currently accepting applications for Summer 2020!

About the Mission
Mission Website

Volunteering in North Dakota

Application Materials

Now accepting SOLT St. Ann's Summer Camp Applications for Summer 2020. Apply below.

Application for SOLT St. Ann's Summer Camp


If you are interested in serving on the Turtle Mountain Reservation for a year, please inquire below.

Inquiry Form for Full Year, St. Ann's Mission