SOLT St. Ann's Summer Camp

SOLT Missionary Volunteers: North Dakota

SOLT St. Ann's Summer Camp

SOLT St. Ann’s Summer Camp is dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical formation of the youth of the Turtle Mountain Reservation. 

At St. Ann’s Summer Camp, you will have the opportunity to share the joy of the Gospel with the youth of the Turtle Mountains. You will pray, serve, and have community life with the local SOLT Ecclesial Family Team. You will see first-hand how the Holy Spirit forms the people and that is a testament of the deep Catholic roots of their combined heritage. 

Application Deadline:
March 25, 2024

Service Length: 4 Weeks
June 29th-30th: Arrival Days
July 1st-7th: Summer Camp Training Week
July 8th-26th: St. Ann's Summer Camp 
July 27th: Clean-Up Day
July 28th-29th: Rest Day and Silent Retreat
July 30th: Fun Days
July 31st: Departure Day

Location: Belcourt, North Dakota
We are located approximately 10 miles from the Canadian border on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation serving the Band of Chippewa/Ojibwe and Metis Indians.

You are responsible for your transportation to and from the mission. There is also a fundraising goal of $500 (a fundraising coach will be provided).