SOLT Missionary Volunteers

Is God calling you to volunteer in the missions?

Many young people, in service to the poor, volunteer in missions every year, finding a life-giving environment to discern their vocations and share the love of Jesus Christ. Many of our volunteers have experienced a call to a deeper discipleship throughout their time and have felt themselves called to live this out through generous self-gift in marriage, family life, priesthood, consecrated life, or through friendships in their current state of life according to God’s will.

SOLT serves in dioceses throughout the world, many of which are mission territories. At this time, we have volunteer opportunities at several mission locations. Two of these are located in the English-speaking country of Belize in Central America (Benque Viejo), and two are located in Mexico, where proficiency in Spanish is a requirement for volunteers. The other mission site is located on the Turtle Mountain Reservation in North Dakota, near the Canadian border.

Now Accepting Applications

Benque-Viejo, Belize
Benque-Viejo, Belize
SOLT Missionary Volunteers serve as Teachers at Mount Carmel High School and JPII Junior College