Divine Mercy Parish

SOLT serves at Divine Mercy Church, a large Catholic parish one block from the Caribbean Sea in the north of Belize City. For more information about the mission, please visit Divine Mercy Parish’s Facebook page. Also visit the Radio Guadelupe facebook page for more information on our media evangelization project.

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Mother of Christ Montessori (Belize City)

Contact Us

Fr. Scott Giuliani, SOLT
PO Box 134
2&1/2 Mls, Northern Highway
Belize City, Belize, Central America

San Pedro Parish

San Pedro Catholic Church serves the nearby island of San Pedro. The parish hosts faith education classes, parish programs and is developing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center called "Little Nazareth," which seeks to serve the population through a lifestyle based in community, work, and prayer. Please visit San Pedro Catholic Church Website.

Belize City San Pedro
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