Diocese of Queretaro

Santa Maria del Mexicano


This mission that serves the young and elderly of Mexico was founded in 1975 by Fr. Anthony Norman, who originally came from Colorado. In 2009, SOLT was asked to serve in leadership of this location.

Santa Maria is a nonprofit organization that strives to provide integral formation and refuge for people of all ages. People who find themselves in a state of neglect, who happen to be homeless, malnourished or subject to abuse are invited to have the care that is provided by these facilities.

The work consists of five separate houses, all surrounding the town of Colon, Queretaro, situated in central Mexico: A little boys house (1st to 6th grade), a little girls house (1st to 6th grade), a house for teenage girls (7th grade to university), a house for teenage boys (7th grade to university), and a house for the elderly and those with special needs, which also currently serves as the main office.

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