Wrapping up (some) of the work

What we did:
We started off the day off with a holy hour as always. Doors were open and it was beautiful outside. Father Tony came and celebrated mass with us giving us an amazing homily. After another delicious breakfast, we hit the road to our two separate work sites. This was the last day we had scheduled to work, so we were juiced to get everything done. Eliza loaded up on pre-workout and Joe and I overloaded on coffee. We hit the sites and started grinding. Took a little break for lunch and had some amazing BBQ chicken, almost KC level good. Back to the sites we started the finishing up process and got as much done as we could with the few hours we had left. A few of us took a quick break and went over to the houses of some locals bringing them the clothing and school supplies that we brought with us. The families were very grateful and it was great to see their appreciation and also get to know them. Around 7 o’clock we finished up at our sites. We had some surplus donations from fundraising so we were able to leave some with the owner of one of the houses, who was the sweetest and most humble man who loved to help us with every part of the project. His young son Carlitos happily prayed us out with an Our Father and then we sadly had to leave. After eating some dinner we were invited to the house of a local whom the mission helped a few years ago, They made us some killer cheese dip and had some great conversations. Father Mark whipped out some incredible magic and found himself a doppelganger. We drove back home and went to bed.        


The work we did today was very exciting to see the progress. It was also humbling to see how the families were so willing to help and do all they could for us as we were helping them. Junior was a beast wielding a shovel or machete or whatever was in his hands, and Timmy and his kids at the other house were everywhere and seemed to know a new trick for everything. I thought it was great work we did but also felt a little unsatisfied leaving with a feeling that we could have done more. The looks on the faces of the family however were reassuring because you could tell they were beyond happy with what we were able to accomplish. Overall today was another amazing day filled with hard work and joy. 


The fence at Tranquilino and Clemencia's home

Timmy's house


May 29, 2022 - 11:19pm

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