Meet Our Volunteers

Img 4303   Julia Quebral


Hometown: Buffalo, NY

University: University at Buffalo
Major:  Physics and Mathematics

Where do you serve now: Benque Viejo

How did you find out about SOLT:  A former volunteer was my high school teacher.

How did God call you:  I thought that God was calling me through different conversations I had with the veteran missionaries and through the priests.

Favorite part of mission life:  I find the daily community prayer and Mass very enriching in my spiritual life. Praying with the whole community both orients us all towards God and provides us with a sense of unity.

64672748 10219313647173447 5085711847965851648 N   Katie Dulek


Hometown: Lenexa, KS
University: Drake University
Major: Secondary Education and Environmental Science

Where do you serve now: Mount Carmel High School, Benque Viejo, Belize

How did you find out about SOLT:  I found out about SOLT through my work with FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students).

How did God call you:  I served three years as a FOCUS missionary working with college students at the University of Connecticut. I knew Jesus was calling me out of FOCUS and onto something else in order to more seriously discern my Vocation to consecrated life. The mission in Belize with SOLT sort of fell into my lap!

Favorite part of mission life:  You have no choice but to detach and surrender to the Lord here in so many ways! It is can be very challenging but very beautiful. I love the daily challenge of teaching high school while living life in a developing country.

Headshot   Taryn Sciortino


Hometown: Vancouver, Washington
University: Washington State University
Major: Business Management

Where do you serve now: I work at St. Ignatius High School in Belize as a religion teacher and campus minister.

How did you find out about SOLT:  I heard about the mission from a friend's sister who served a few years ago.

How did God call you:  I watched a promotional video and knew deep within my soul that I was supposed to come to Belize.

Favorite part of mission life:  What gives me life is seeing students accept Jesus into their lives.

45292118 2718883718337224 3230626743094083584 O   Jacob Oster


Hometown: Lausby, Maryland
University: University of Maryland (M.S.), Juniata College (B.S.)
Major: Environmental Science

Where do you serve now: Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize

How did you find out about SOLT:  Cross Catholic Outreach Mission trip with home parish to Belize

How did God call you:  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the Cross Catholic mission and we happened to stop in Benque Viejo for the last day of our trip and attend a Friday morning mass at Mount Carmel High School. I felt I had grown in service through the mission trip and continuing to serve in Belize through teaching seemed like the natural next step.

Favorite part of mission life:  I grew up camping a lot through Boy Scouts, so the Outdoor Leadership Adventure with John Paul II Junior College's incoming students is my favorite. Playing a role in the students' growth in confidence, community, and discipleship over the course of this week of adventure in the "bush" has been my favorite experience in mission life.