Volunteer in North Dakota

I love our mission here in North Dakota, and every year I look forward to St. Ann’s Summer Camp. There is something unique and beautiful about the loving spirit of the kids of the Turtle Mountain Reservation. Many come from challenging circumstances but nevertheless show a profound responsiveness to the love of God. St. Paul tells us; “Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more” (Romans 5:2), and that has been my experience serving here in North Dakota. The cross of Jesus deeply marks the lives of the people here: tragedies, illnesses, and various forms of addiction, yet it is also a place where the love of God is present.

Sr. MaryAnn Richwald, SOLT

Ways to Serve

Physical Ministry: 

Food Pantry: Provide food and supplies to families in need

Maintenance: Upkeep properties and contribute to construction advancements


Medical Mission:  

Pharmacist or Nurse: Live in community with our SOLT Missionary Volunteers while working at Indian Health services


Ministry of Presence:

After-school Ministry: Organize and staff sports camps and after-school academic assistance 

Youth Ministry: Organize and help with retreats and youth group


Evangelization/Catechesis and Education: 

Missionary Teachers grades K-8th: Teach in our Catholic elementary school

Radio Programmer: Work to develop Catholic radio content