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The other day as I was walking to Vatican City, I passed a little boy, about 4 years old, and his mother. They were holding hands and walking at a serious clip. My impression was they were late for school. As they were walking towards me, the little boy was gently saying, “non posso, mama. Non posso.” “I can’t, mommy.  I can’t.” She kindly looked down at him and said, “yes, you can. We can do it together.” And with that, she scooped him up and they sped by me. 

As I continued to walk to work wondering if I would be able to find my way to my office through the maze of stairwells, hallways, elevators, courtyards and doors, the image of that mother and child stuck with me and reminded me of myself. I was thinking, “I can’t” and knowing, quite realistically, that that was true. I didn’t know the way and, at the same time,  wasn’t sure if I could remember enough Italian to ask for help and so I said the same words as that little boy. “Blessed Mother, I can’t.”

Being the good Mother that she is, she did help me. As I showed my id to the Swiss Guard and was attempting to ask for directions, a priest walked up behind me and said in perfect English, “I’m on my way up there, I’ll show you the way.” Let’s just say, I let out one giant sigh of relief and smiled to know that Mary had just scooped me up and would carry me the rest of the way.

On this feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, may we all know the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother and her tender love for us.

-Sr. Megan Mary Thibodeau, SOLT


October 10, 2023 - 12:16pm

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